1-2 de noviembre de 2018, Barcelona

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Photopharmacology is an emerging branch of science based in the administration of a photosensitive compound in combination with illumination to pro vide a high degree of local and temporal control of compound activity, which makes it useful both for therapeutic applications and as a research tool.
In the last 10 years photopharmacology, a polyhedric science involving biology, pharmacology, chemistry, physics, engineering and medicine, has flourished and achieved a critical mass of researchers and resourceful methods in chemistry and optics, raising hopes for clinical trials of the most advanced compounds.
The First International Symposium on Photopharmacology took place at the University Medical Center Groningen on February 16th, 2017. Topics covered in this First Symposium ranged from photochemistry and organic synthesis to vision restoration and brain research.
This Second Symposium is planned as a forum to gather the world wide experts in photopharmacology to debate and present their advances to the medical and pharmaceutical community, facilitate partner interaction, foster cooperativity and opendiscussions to delimitate problems, define solutions, delineate strategies and envision future developments.
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