Spanish Registry of Certified Pharmacologists

Spanish Registry of Certified Pharmacologists (REFarC)

The European Certified Pharmacologist Program for Pharmacology Specialists of the Spanish Society of Pharmacology (SEF) is part of the European Certified Pharmacologist Program (EuCP) of the Federation of European Societies of Pharmacology (EPHAR).

SEF has established a specific program to ensure that applicants holding the aforementioned diploma meet all the requirements established by the EuCP Certification Guidelines.

Advantages of certification as a European pharmacologist

  • The certification as a European pharmacologist (EuCP)  evidences that in addition to your specific scientific experience, you have a series of competencies (knowledge, practical awareness, skills) that cover the entire discipline of pharmacology.
  • Pharmacologists with EuCP certification can present this as a professional qualification to apply for high-level jobs, such as leadership and strategic positions in academic departments, in the industrial area or in the regulatory sector, justifying their experience in the entire discipline.
  • This certification is of special interest in job offers in these sectors at an international level, since the EuCP program guarantees high levels of qualification in accordance with international standards.

The EuCP certification does not imply accreditation as a specialist in Clinical Pharmacology, but rather adds value as an additional recognition of quality in the field of Pharmacology at the European level

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